Sunday 9 April 2017

2017 Enviro 400 City Launch Day

The cavalcade of Enviro 400 City buses on New South Promenade
Blackpool Transport held a launch ceremony for their new 2017 batch of 25 ADL Enviro 400 City buses on Sunday 9th April. The proceedings began at Starr Gate tram depot, where several of the Flexity trams had been parked on the loop track and around the tram terminus to allow the depot to be used for the start of the days proceedings. The Enviros began to leave from Starr Gate at 0800, departing in numerical order beginning with 411 and ending with 435 at the rear of the parade. The cavalcade of 25 buses processed northwards along the tramway, with the majority of them turning off the tracks at Manchester Square to return to Rigby Road depot, 431 to 435 continued along the tram tracks and parked up at the Tower headland. Several of the new Enviros were required for passenger service that day, but 421 to 430 were gradually brought from Rigby Road and arranged in front of the Tower alongside 431 to 435, forming a display of 15 of the new vehicles. The Enviro display remained on the Tower headland throughout the afternoon until around 4pm.

Enviro 435, which had yet to enter service, arriving at Starr Gate with tyre blacking applied
Enviros 422, 423 and 424 arriving at Starr Gate
Enviros 434 and 435 entering Starr Gate tram depot
The Enviros beginning to line up inside the tram depot at Starr Gate
Flexities stabled on the loop track with Enviros queuing up alongside Starr Gate depot

The Enviros on the depot forecourt at Starr Gate with stabled Flexities in the foreground
The 25 Enviro 400 City buses at Starr Gate awaiting their departure time
The rear of the Enviro cavalcade heading north near the Pleasure Beach
Enviros 433, 434 & 432 waiting to take up their position on the Tower headland
Enviro 435 being walked into its display slot on the Tower headland
Enviro 430 manoeuvring into position on the Tower headland
421 to 426 which formed part of the display of 15 Enviro 400s on the Tower headland

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