Sunday 6 March 2016

Balloons on Blue

Balloon 715 heading north at Warley Road, with the snow covered Lakeland Fells visible over 30 miles away
Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th March saw the Heritage Tram Tours operating on a blue timetable. The output over the weekend consisted of Balloons 715 and 717 operating the service on both days. The two trams shuttled backwards and forwards between North Pier and the Pleasure Beach for most of the day, with four trips timetabled to run north to the Cabin.

Balloons 715 and 717 passing each other near the St Chads tram stop
Balloon 715 southbound at Wilton Parade, returning from a timetabled run to the Cabin
Balloon 717 near St Chads, heading south towards the Pleasure Beach


  1. I mean the shot of the Lake District fells in the background - as well as the tram!!

  2. Thanks John, I guessed that was the one you meant :)