Friday 21 August 2015

680 back in Blackpool

Calkeld Heavy Haulage's low loader shortly after arriving in Blundell Street while transporting 680 from Heaton Park
Railcoach 680 arrived in Blackpool on loan from the Heaton Park Tramway on 21st August. 680 has been repainted back into the 1990s green and cream fleet livery by the specialist contract company Heritage Painting in the Middleton Road tram depot at Heaton Park, the work having only just been completed two days prior to the move! 680 has returned in time to take part in the 130th anniversary celebrations of the Blackpool Tramway in September.

Railcoach 680 still tied down on the low loader trailer after the tractor unit has been uncoupled
680's trolley tower being lifted off the trailer with a fork lift truck from Rigby Road depot
Railcoach 680 being winched off the low loader trailer of Calkeld Heavy Haulage in Blundell Street
Railcoach 680 touching down again on Blackpool rails as it is winched off the low loader trailer
Unimog 939 towing Railcoach 680 along Blundell Steet towards the tram depot
Unimog 939 pushing 680 into the electrical compound so that it can be reunited with its trolley tower

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