Wednesday 18 March 2015

Heritage Ride and Dine

Balloon 717 at Starr Gate where it made its first passenger pick-up for the Ride and Dine event
The first heritage Ride and Dine event took place on the evening of Wednesday 18th March. Balloon 717 was positioned alongside a temporary heritage tram stop on the turning circle at Starr Gate in order to make its first pick-up, before heading to North Pier shortly after 1700 to collect the rest of the guests, where the tram was due to depart at 1800. In order to help fill the tram, the journey was opened up to people who just wanted to ride rather than ride & dine. 717 then proceeded to do a round trip via Little Bispham and the Pleasure Beach before returning to North Pier where the passengers could partake of a meal in a partner town centre restaurant.

Balloon 717 about to head off on the inaugural Ride and Dine experience, with Excel 225 at the service 1 bus stop
Balloon 717 near St Chads heading towards North Pier where it would collect some more passengers

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  1. Maybe Blackpool could take inspiration from the Melbourne restaurant trams and run its own travelling restaurant?