Tuesday 11 November 2014

Brush Car 621 bound for Beamish

Brush Car 621 on the M55 slip road at Kirkham bound for Beamish on 11th November (courtesy of James Millington)

As part of the reappraisal of their assets, the Fleetwood Heritage Leisure Trust have agreed to allow a consortium of like minded tram enthusiasts to purchase Brush Car 621 from them, the tram will in turn be joining the ranks of preserved trams at The Living Museum of the North at Beamish in the North East of England. This move confirms the long term security of 621, with the transfer to Beamish ensuring that the tram will have a long future in preservation, operating on their tramway that runs around the museum. 621 left its temporary home at Kirkham Prison in Lancashire on the morning of 11th November and headed for the North East. Brush 621 will initially go into storage when it arrives at Beamish, and will take a back seat behind other projects that are currently in the pipeline for the next 12 to 18 months. Current thinking is that 621 will be restored into the 1950s style of green and cream livery when it eventually reaches the top of the restoration queue.

Brush 621 southbound at Victoria Street in 2003, before it was withdrawn and put into storage the following year

Brush 621 being pushed onto Scotts low loader by Engineering Car 754 in Dec 2011, leaving Blackpool rails for good

Brush Car 621 departing Blackpool for pastures new at Kirkham Prison on 15th December 2011

Brush Car 621 entering Kirkham Prison in December 2011 where it was to remain a captive for the next 3 years

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