Sunday 28 September 2014

More Flexity Adverts

Flexity 015 passing the Hilton Hotel carrying a new advert promoting the BTS Blackpool1 discount travel tickets
More of the Flexity 2 trams have received new adverts this week, 014 is carrying a red advert inviting businesses to advertise on the trams and buses, and Flexity 015 is now advertising the Blackpool1 Tickets which are available for discount travel on the buses and trams of Blackpool Transport. Both trams previously carried Pleasure Beach advertising, 014 had a photo of the Big One rollercoaster on the centre section and 015 used to advertise Nickelodeon Land.

Flexity 014 at North Pier with a new advert which is promoting advertising space on the trams and buses
A close up of the centre section on Flexity 015
A close up of the centre section on Flexity 014

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