Saturday 9 August 2014

Brush Car 627 loses it Graffiti Paintwork

Brush Car 627 partly repainted into a green and cream colour scheme, seen on Saturday 9th August
Brush Car 627 opposite Blackpool Pleasure Beach is having the gold based graffiti artwork painted over by its owners the Fleetwood Heritage Leisure Trust. The tram first arrived for display on 22nd August 2012, painted in a white and gold Queen's Diamond Jubilee livery. The following year saw 627 being controversially painted by urban street artist "Inkie" in a graffiti style paint scheme of a blue haired lady in June. 627 is currently being repainted into a green and cream livery, unfortunately the painted over windows will retain their graffiti scheme, and will be covered over with adverts instead of being stripped of paint.

A broadside view of Brush 627, with its fresh green paintwork standing out against the heavy grey clouds over the sea

Flexity 014 passing partly repainted Brush Car 627 at the Pleasure Beach loop on 9th August

Members of the Fleetwood Heritage Leisure Trust applying undercoat over the gold graffiti paint scheme on 4th August

Inkie working on his blue haired lady urban artwork on Brush Car 627 on 15th June 2013

Brush Car 627 on 26th August 2012, four days after being located onto its display track at the Pleasure Beach

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