Thursday, 24 July 2014

Dart 163 enters service in the Catch 22 livery

Ex Stagecoach London Dennis Dart V163 MVX turning right from Warren Drive into Ashfield Road on 24th July
Oakwood Travel's former Stagecoach London Dennis Dart V163 MVX has lost its yellow and blue Bispham High School advert livery, and entered service wearing the new turquoise and orange Catch 22 colour scheme. 163 had been out of service since September 2013, but after receiving attention the bus re-entered service this week wearing the new Catch 22 colours on 22nd July.


  1. Hello Alan, I have been trying to locate a fleet list of vehicles both classic and modern that are operated by Oakwood. Is there such a list in existence and if so, would you be able to provide a link, please? Regards and thanks, David

    1. Hello David, I am not aware of the existence of any such list. Regards, Alan

  2. Hello Alan, Well then it looks as if I have to make my own! Your blog site will be a good start. Kind regards, David