Monday 3 March 2014

Contraflow Bus Lane opens on Central Drive

Trident 341 on the 14 and Solo 296 on a 5 are seen southbound on the new contraflow bus lane on 3rd March
A new contraflow bus lane opened on Central Drive in Blackpool on Sunday 2nd March. The bus lane replaces the congested diversionary route via Albert Road, Coronation Street and Reads Ave, which has been in use for years in order to regain access to Central Drive southbound again, and reinstates two way bus operation on this section of Central Drive for the first time in many years. Bus routes which now use this new direct route along Central Drive are Blackpool Transport 5, 7, 14 & 17, Stagecoach 68 and Oakwood Travel 22, knocking about 3 minutes off their southbound journey times. There is one new bus stop lay-by situated on the new contraflow section, opposite the Central Coach Station.

Trident 334 on service 7 stopping at the new bus stop lay-by on the contraflow bus lane section of Central Drive
Oakwood Travel Mercedes-Benz Citaro bendy bus MAL53 southbound on the contraflow bus lane on Central Drive

Stagecoach Trident 18158 on service 68 to Preston heading south on the new contraflow bus lane on Central Drive
Trident 344 on a 14 passing the new bus stop bay opposite the Central Coach Station on Central Drive on 3rd March

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