Thursday 30 January 2014

New logo for Blackpool Transport

Dennis Trident 312 in Market Street after its recent repaint, displaying the new look Blackpool Transport logo
Blackpool Transport are beginning to outshop repainted buses with a new logo. The long used tower and waves logo is being ditched for a new look, which replaces the waves of the old logo with a silver, red and yellow 'swoop', in a similar style to the silver and red flash on the side of the buses. Newly repainted Dennis Trident 312 made its debut today on the 14 service displaying the new look.

The new look Blackpool Transport logo on the side of Dennis Trident 312


  1. It's a tad softer and less in your face than the previous logo although my only concern us that it's not so easy to make out.

    Is it wrong though that I was always thought the Metro Coastlines logo was probably better than the two???

  2. Metro Coastlines was a strong brand image, but change is so often done merely for the sake of change nowadays, even with strongly identifiable brands. The tower and waves logo may have been more in your face, but isn't that the purpose of a strong brand image, rather than the current timid and less identifiable logo.