Saturday, 21 December 2013

Engineering Car 754

Engineering Car 754 sat at the front of Rigby Road depot fresh from its recent repaint into a paler shade of yellow
Engineering Car 754 has emerged fresh from its recent repaint and was noted parked in Rigby Road depot today in a new paler shade of yellow than is usually worn by the ancillary vehicles. There was an interesting line-up of engineering vehicles sat at the front of the depot on 21st December, starting with Snowplough 701, former Permanent Way car 259, newly painted Engineering Car 754 and Unimog 938.


  1. Has 754 changed as the one presently showing as 754 looks totally different to another one that is numbered 754 in green.

    1. The original 754 was withdrawn as a Works Car in 1983, and is now restored at Beamish museum in the N.E. as Blackpool 31 (in red and white), see
      The new 754 was purpose built as an engineering tram by East Lancashire coachbuilders.