Sunday, 1 September 2013

Boat 605 Swansong at Beamish

Blackpool Boat 605 (233) at Beamish museum on 31st August 2013, the tram is shortly planned to depart for the USA

In order to commemorate the imminent departure of Blackpool Boat 605 (233) for pastures new in the USA, a pre-opening photo shoot was arranged at The Living Museum of the North at Beamish on 31st August, in order to record the tram for posterity before it is lost to British enthusiasts forever. See Blackpooltrams on Flickr for more images taken during the photo shoot.

Boat 605 (233) on the main street of the Edwardian Town at Beamish

Boat 605 (233) just after it has left the town area at Beamish, with the new bakery visible behind

Boat 605 (233) at the Pockerley tram stop

Boat 605 (233) passes the main entrance to Beamish museum

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