Monday, 4 February 2013

Flexity Round-up

Flexity 006 is now back in service again, seen here passing a wind damaged Madame Tussauds on January 31st
The last week has seen a few Flexities appearing back in service that have been absent from the operating fleet for a while. On Friday 25th January, Flexity 002 was noted back in passenger service for the first time since it had returned from Bombardier in Germany on 1st November, it had been confined to driver training duties in the interim. Flexity 006 also returned to the operational fleet last week, having spent five months laid up in Starr Gate depot as the 'spares' tram, being robbed of parts to keep the rest of the fleet operational. 001 was noted out on test during the week, and both this tram and 005 have now returned to use again after a period of absence.

Flexity 001 venturing out on test on 31st January after being absent from passenger service for some time
Flexity 005 at St Chad's Road on 2nd February after a period of absence out of use
Flexity 009 being held up by drain pipe laying work across the tramway at Manchester Square on January 15th
Flexity 008 having salt washed off the driver's rear view cameras at Starr Gate during gales on 31st January

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