Friday, 18 January 2013

Flexities in the Snow

Flexity 004 southbound near Lowther Avenue in blizzard like conditions
Blackpool received a light dusting of snow this morning, just enough to provide the first chance to get some shots of the new Flexity 2 trams in near white out conditions. The snow only lasted for a few hours, and by noon was beginning to disappear rapidly.

Flexity 013 unloading passengers at the Lowther Avenue tram stop
Flexity 013 departing Lowther Avenue bound for Fleetwood
Flexity 004 at the Starr Gate terminus before the snow started thawing
Flexity 015, having just left the depot, using the crossover to enter service from the Starr Gate terminus
Flexity 015 approaching South Pier, with snowplough 701 in front heading for Fleetwood
Flexity 009 southbound at South Pier
Flexity 007 southbound at Foxhall Square with the snow still falling but starting to thaw already
Flexity 008 at the Rossall Beach stop in Cleveleys, the snow has now stopped and is beginning to thaw


  1. Great snow pics're very intrepid!

  2. Thanks Jill, I was in two minds whether to bother or not as there was so little snow, I'm glad I did now especially as the snowplough was out!

  3. Wonderful shots! I take it 701 is the first baloon of the year to operate?
    -Or at least the entire route to fleetwood.

  4. There may have been other Balloons shunted between depots, but I'm pretty sure it's the first one to venture to Fleetwood this year.