Wednesday 28 November 2012

646 does a vanishing act

Deep wheel ruts and flange grooves in the tarmac at Paul Gaunt's car park show where 646 stood until a week ago
Centenary 646 was removed from Paul Gaunt's premises near Blackpool Airport on Friday 23rd November. The tram had already been sold to a new owner, who had been salvaging various interior fittings and selling them off on eBay. The bogies are believed to have found a new buyer and it is understood that the body is going to used as an extension to a caravan. It had also been separately reported that the tram may have been on an industrial estate in Preston, but as none of this has been confirmed by sightings yet it can only be classed as speculation. The only reminder that 646 was ever in Paul Gaunt's car park are eight one inch deep indentations, where the wheels had sunk into the soft tarmac, and a pair of grooves cut by the flanges where the tram was dragged across the car park.

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