Thursday 23 August 2012

Jubilee Tram on Display

Jubilee tram 627 on its display track at the Pleasure Beach, with a picket fence being erected around it
Brush car 627 is now on view to the public on its special display track in the centre of the Pleasure Beach loop. The tower has now been refitted to the roof, and a small wooden picket fence is being erected around the tram. Unfortunately one of the towing bracket boxes is missing from one end of the tram, this was removed due to having use a large shackle to pull the tram out of Kirkham Prison. The interior of 627 still has about half of the seat backs missing, most of them in the north saloon.

The north end of 627, showing the hole where the towing bracket box has been removed

Flexity 003 on driver training passes Brush car 627 at the Pleasure Beach
An interior view of the south saloon of 627 on the Pleasure Beach display track

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