Sunday 27 May 2012

Accident damaged 014 returns to service

Flexity 014 on 26th May on its first day back in service after the accident (note this is the undamaged end of the tram)
Gazette photo showing front and side panel damage
Blackpool's newest tram, Flexity 014, returned to service on Saturday after being hit by a woman motorist at Rossall Square last Tuesday. The car driver chose to ignore the red traffic lights and collided with 014 on the crossing. Replacement end and side panels from another tram appear to have been used, note the mis-aligned vinyls on the photo taken at Gynn Square below, also note that at the repaired end the fleet number reads "0" instead of "014", this is due to the panel coming off another tram.
014 at Gynn Square, showing the replacement side panel off another tram, emphasised by the mis-aligned vinyls


  1. 14 was in service that day. This tram is not used on training duties, those duties falling to 003. The tram behind 14 on that day was on traing duties. The Gazette got the details completely wrong on that day. I was in depot when the news filtered through.

    1. Thank you for correcting the information in the article. No surprise there then that the Gazette got their facts wrong!

  2. The tram was full of passengers as me and my family were on it. No one was hurt and tram staff looked after everyone very well. I wrote to the Blackpool Gazette to correct them on the story.