Sunday 22 December 2013

Red Rocket Swansong

Citaro MAL53 operated the first run from Blackpool on the last day of Red Rocket service on Sunday 22nd December
As advertised on their own web site, today is the last day of operation of the Red Rocket bus link between Blackpool and Manchester until Easter of next year, however in a letter handed out to Classic Bus North West drivers on 20th December, the following statement is made "The Red Rocket and service 80 will cease to operate". Whether this means that the Red Rocket will cease operation completely, only the fullness of time will tell. What started out initially on 4th October as a service every 90 minutes throughout the day, ended up latterly as more realistic morning and late afternoon services only, either through a lack of vehicles or passengers. The morning runs from Blackpool on the final day of operation were both handled by Mercedes-Benz Citaro bendy buses, MAL53 on the 10:30 departure and MAL41 on the 12:00 service.

Mercedes-Benz Citaro MAL41 on the second departure of the day at 12:00, on the last day of Red Rocket operation
MAL41 arriving at Blackpool Central Coach Station in readiness for the 12:00 Red Rocket service on 22nd December
The Red Rocket website on Sunday 22nd December

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