Wednesday 11 December 2013

More tram moves at Rigby Road

761 chained down to Scotts low loader in preparation for making the journey from storage in Fleetwood to Rigby Road
Blackpool Jubilee car 761, which is owned by the Fleetwood Heritage Leisure Trust, was finally moved from the open storage yard in Fleetwood where it has sat since 2011, and it is now securely dry stored in Rigby Road tram depot, albeit on a temporary basis. The tram has not been transferred to the heritage fleet, the ownership of it still remains firmly with the Fleetwood trust. 761 cannot be used on heritage tours and will not run while it is stored by the Fleetwood group in Blackpool.

After Scotts Heavy Haulage had unloaded Jubilee 761 in Blundell Street, they then prepared for loading another tram, this time for a much longer journey to Beamish museum in the North East. Former trailer towing car 680, owner by the Heaton Park Tramway group, is departing from storage in Blackpool to spend the winter season on the tramway at Beamish. Before the tram could be loaded, Scotts had to dismantle the loading ramp and shorten the extendable trailer again (it had been stretched for moving the longer Jubilee car from Fleetwood). After the loading ramp had been rebuilt, 680 was loaded under the cover of darkness in preparation for an early morning start for the long trip north to Beamish.

680 chained to Scotts low loader in preparation for the long journey north to Beamish early on the following morning

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