Wednesday 18 December 2013

Expansion of the Heritage Fleet

Newly arrived former LTT Balloon 715 and Brush cars 632 & 259 seen at the front of the depot on 17th December
The recent rounds of tramcar movements in Blackpool over the last six months has seen a major expansion in the number of trams that will potentially be available for Heritage Tour duty in the future. While some of the new arrivals still require a considerable amount of restoration work, and others are currently basket cases (ie former works car 259), some of the arrivals can hopefully be put to use again in the not too distant future. Among the trams that have returned to Rigby Road depot recently are Brush cars 632 & 259, Coronations 304 & 663, Balloon 715, English Electric Railcoach 279 (679), OMO car 8 and Standard 143, all these trams should eventually be joining the operational heritage car fleet. Brush car 622 and Jubilee 761 are currently being stored for their owners, and are not destined to join the heritage fleet. See this full fleet list for a more detailed breakdown of all the heritage trams that are currently at Blackpool.

Another view showing 631, 711, Trawler 737, 715, 632, 701 & 259, all part of the heritage fleet apart from Balloon 711

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