Tuesday 10 December 2013

The last of the LTT trams return to Rigby Road

Brush cars 632 and 259 hiding in the long grass of the storage yard at Marton in Blackpool on 10th December

Tuesday 10th December saw a busy day of trams moves for Scotts Heavy Haulage in Blackpool. Balloon 715 had already been loaded up the previous evening at the storage yard in Marton, and had spent the night on the back of Scotts low loader next to the tram depot in Blundell Street. Scotts made an early start before dawn unloading 715, and the tram was propelled by the small fork lift truck of BTS into Rigby Road depot just after 9.00am. The next tram to be moved from the yard was Brush car 632, and in order to access this tram and Brush car 259, Balloon 704 was dragged across the storage yard by Scotts low loader. Brush car 632 was loaded up and transported back to Rigby Road, finally entering the depot at 14:35. This only left Brush car 259 to collect from the yard, the tram was loaded as dusk fell and arrived back at Rigby Road in darkness at around 6.00pm. For more photos of the LTT tram moves on 10th December see Blackpool Trams on Flickr.
Balloon 715 being unloaded early in the morning after spending the night on Scotts low loader in Blundell Street

Scotts low loader passes Bloomfield Road football ground as it returns Brush car 632 back to Rigby Road depot

Brush car 259 basks in a brief spot of sunshine after the tarpaulins had been removed in readiness for transport
Brush car 259 being pulled onto Scotts low loader as dusk fell over the storage yard at Marton
Balloon 704 is not part of the transfer of LTT trams to BTS, but had to be moved to clear the tram movements

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