Friday 3 January 2014

Tidal Surge Floods Tramway

Flexity 010 northbound near Central Pier with stormy seas caused by a tidal surge and strong winds
For the second time in a month the tram service in Blackpool has had to be curtailed due to the tramway being flooded by a tidal surge. The whole West Coast of England was predicted to be at risk from flooding on 3rd January, due to a combination of high tides combined with low pressure and strong winds. The Flexity tram service operated normally throughout the morning, but at midday Flexity 008 was the last tram to run through the Central Promenade area, continuing on south to Starr Gate depot. The tramway was flooded by the noon high tide from Manchester Square to St Chad's Road tram stop, there was also flooding right across the tram tracks at New Bonny Street, just south of the Tower. The Flexity trams operated a reduced service from North Pier to Fleetwood Ferry during the afternoon. See Blackpool Trams on Flickr for more photos taken during the day.

Flexity 008 splashing through sea water at Manchester Square. This section was closed due to flooding after this
The tracks were flooded from Manchester Sq to St Chad's, causing a reduced service on the tramway from North Pier
Flexity 012 with North Pier on the display. A curtailed passenger service was operated between here and Fleetwood
Flexity 013 reversing over the crossover at North Pier before heading back north to Fleetwood Ferry

Flexity 016 laying over, while 012 has pulled up behind to unload. 013 is just visible parked on the northbound track

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