Sunday 8 December 2013

Balloon 716 for £8000 ono

Balloon 716 in its last full year of passenger service, seen on the core Fleetwood to Starr Gate route in July 2002
Balloon 716 has unexpectedly turned up for sale on a well known auction site. The tram was withdrawn from service in summer 2003 due to corrosion problems with its underframe. 716 was then stored in the depot for several more years, being used as a spare parts tram, before it was purchased by Ptarmigan Transport Solutions of Perth, and transported to Scotland where the intention was that it would be used as a site office. Unfortunately Ptarmigan Transport Solutions has recently gone into liquidation and there is now an urgent need to dispose of the tram, either for reuse or scrap. The asking price for 716 is £8000, although offers will also be accepted.

Balloon 716 for sale on eBay on 8th December, the auction end date is 17th December. Get your bids in quickly!

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