Monday 29 April 2013

Unimog called out to Cleveleys

The overhead line crew disentangling a plastic sheet from a wire hanger at the Orion Curve in Cleveleys
Unimog 939 was called out to Cleveleys this morning, due to some plastic sheeting being wrapped around an overhead wire hanger on the southbound track at the north end of the Orion Curve. The Unimog was driven into Cleveleys tram station and the rail wheels lowered so that the vehicle could be driven along the reserved track to the offending traction pole. The hydraulic jacks were deployed on the Unimog and the plastic sheet was disentangled from the wire hanger by the overhead line crew. Only one service tram was slightly delayed by the incident, this being southbound Flexity 006.

Northbound Flexity 008 passes Unimog 939 at Cleveleys as its hydraulic jacks are being retracted ready for leaving

Unimog 939 about to depart south along the reserved track using its steel rail guide wheels, with Flexity 006 behind

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