Saturday 6 April 2013

The Resort Hopper

Optare Solo 258 at the Pleasure Beach wearing the new yellow vinyl branding for the Blackpool Resort Pass scheme
Blackpool Transport's route 20 began running again this year from 23rd March, using a mixture of double deck vehicle types. On Friday April 5th the route was relaunched as "The Resort Hopper", and began operating with a branded fleet of Optare Solos with yellow vinyl wrap advertising for the Blackpool Resort Pass. The service is being promoted as the route which links all of the attractions that take part in the Blackpool Resort Pass discount ticket scheme. Until Thursday 4th April, several of the 1994 Northern Counties bodied Volvo Olympians had been used on the route, however from Friday 5th April the route began to be operated by the new yellow branded Solos, although the odd double-decker has been noticed in use as a duplicate during busy periods.

Optare Solo 296, southbound at Central Pier, has just passed northbound Resort Hopper 259

A rear view of Optare Solo 294 at the Pleasure Beach, showing the vinyl route branding more clearly

Optare Solo 259 passing South Pier on the new Resort Hopper service

Optare Solo 294 at the Pleasure Beach awaiting to depart for Marton Mere

Optare Solo 294 southbound at Central Pier on The Resort Hopper service

Northern Counties bodied Volvo Olympian No 378 on the last day of double-deck operation of route 20 on April 4th

DAF DB250LF No 362, a former Bus Vannin vehicle from the Isle of Man, southbound on route 20 on April 1st

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