Monday 1 April 2013

Heritage Tours Day Four

Twin Car 272+T2 at the Heritage Tour stop in Bold Street, shortly after arriving on the first heritage run of the day
Easter Monday saw the first Heritage Tour of the day worked by twin-set 272+T2 on the timetabled run through to Fleetwood, the other heritage working being allocated to Standard 147. The morning specials were 706 Princess Alice and Balloon 717. Princess Alice was swapped for Box car 40 in the afternoon, but an even more interesting swap was due to take place. As the driver of 717 was close to retirement, he had requested the rare opportunity to be able to take a Boat car all the way to Fleetwood Ferry. After taking 717 back to Rigby Road for his afternoon break, the driver duly arrived at North Pier with Boat 230 and big smile on his face when he saw the assembled crowd waiting to board. Fortunately the sun shone most of the way to Fleetwood, although it was still very chilly onboard, but the keen enthusiasts weren't likely to be put off the chance of riding a Boat in service to Fleetwood by a mere cold breeze. The day was finally wound up by Standard 147 running the last Heritage Tour to Fleetwood Ferry and back, and still the sun managed to keep on shining. Thus ended a very successful four day event on Blackpool Tramway, and a huge round of thanks must go to Bryan Lindop and the heritage crews and maintenance staff for making all of this possible. Roll on May Day weekend.

Standard 147 departs the Pleasure beach on the Heritage Tour, passing 706 bound for Cleveleys on a special

Balloon 717 on a southbound special at St Chads passes a northbound Flexity 2 in glorious sunshine

Fifty years of development in mass people movement are exemplified by Twin Car 272+T2 alongside Flexity 003

Box car 40 approaching North Pier on a special, having replaced defective 706 in the middle of the afternoon

The wishes of a retiring driver granted, Boat 230 ran on a special all the way from North Pier to Fleetwood Ferry

Standard 147 wound up the weekend's events with a run all the way to Fleetwood Ferry and back in sunshine

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