Thursday 25 April 2013

New Unimog at Rigby Road

Mercedes U1550 Unimog W726 PSF belonging to vehicle hire company "2rent", at Rigby Road depot on April 19th
Blackpool Transport have temporarily acquired themselves another Unimog overhead maintenance vehicle. Mercedes U1550 Unimog, registration W726 PSF, is currently on hire from specialist vehicle company "2rent". Whether this is a short term replacement for 939, Blackpool's own Unimog U1650, or just to supplement it is not known. Blackpool Unimog 939 was noted parked outside at the rear of Starr Gate depot earlier on this week.

Unimog 939 (at the right) with the Unimog that is on hire from specialist vehicle company "2rent", seen on 15th April

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