Thursday 25 April 2013

Foxhall Square Points

New kerb stones being laid across the former turnout alignment at Foxhall Square, prior to new pavement being laid
The road surface was being dug up at the former Foxhall Square turnout earlier this week, where the Princess Street line used to branch off from the promenade. New kerb stones were being laid prior to the pavement being extended across the gap where the tram line used cross the prom. There are currently no plans to remove the redundant pointwork, it will simply be left in situ, similar to the points at Talbot Square that are unlikely ever to be used either.

Flexity 003 passing the newly tarmaced road surface where the Foxhall line used to branch off the promenade

Flexity 006 northbound at Foxhall Square, with the remains of the Princess Street track visible in the background

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