Tuesday 2 March 2021

Unimog 939

Unimog 939 returning to Starr Gate depot on 22nd February
Recently refurbished Unimog 939 has been out and about attending to the overhead during the recent tramway closure for essential engineering work. The Unimog has received a new paint scheme of overall yellow, replacing the previous colours of orange and yellow. During its overhaul a modern flashing light bar has been fitted to the roof of the cab, replacing the single orange warning beacon.

Unimog 939 attending to the overhead at Norbreck on 22nd February

Unimog 939 on New South Promenade on 22nd February

Unimog 939 working near Beach Road in Cleveleys on 1st March

Unimog 939 with the snowbroom attachment fitted, towing Brush 634 in February 2016

The Unimog recovering 706 which had lost its trolley head, near Central Pier in September 2015

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