Monday 15 March 2021

Harrow Place to Fisherman's Walk Tram Service

Flexity 011 stopped at the Harrow Place terminus for passengers to alight
On Monday 15th March, trams in Blackpool were operating between Harrow Place and Fisherman's Walk in Fleetwood. Engineering work on the track at Starr Gate and around Fleetwood Ferry necessitated a truncated tram service, although by late morning the work at Fleetwood Ferry had been completed, and trams began running to the northern terminus of the line once again.

Flexity 005 using the facing points at Abercorn Place to cross to the northbound line

Flexity 013 using the facing crossover to the northbound line at Abercorn Place

Flexity 011 up against the barrier on the northbound line near Abercorn Place

Flexity 011 with track welding taking place on the curve to Starr Gate

Flexity 005 approaching Harrow Place on its way to Fisherman's Walk

Flexity 013 bound for Fisherman's Walk, 5 minutes later (at 1110) the line to Fleetwood Ferry reopened

Flexity 013 with its destination now changed to Fleetwood Ferry due to the line being reopened

Flexity 012 at Talbot Square heading south to Harrow Place

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