Thursday 11 March 2021

Trams to Fisherman's Walk

Flexity 016 and Coastliner Buses Optare Versa YJ10EYZ at the beginning of Lord St in Fleetwood
On Wednesday 10th March, the partial tram service because of engineering work was extended from Little Bispham to Fisherman's Walk in Fleetwood. The last section of the tramway being worked on was in the area of Fleetwood Ferry, where track welding was taking place on the curves of the terminus loop line. A track barrier was in position on the northbound line preventing trams from encroaching onto Lord Street, trams used the crossover at this point to regain the southbound line for the return run to Starr Gate. All photos were taken on 11th March.

Flexity 005 on the crossover at Fisherman's Walk

Flexity 003 crossing to the southbound line at Fisherman's Walk

Flexity 008 using the crossover at Fisherman's Walk

The guard of Flexity 016 manually setting the points at Fisherman's Walk crossover

Flexity 008 stopped at the barrier at the beginning of Lord Street

The stop sign blocking tram access to Lord Street in Fleetwood

Track welding taking place on the Pharos Street curve at Fleetwood Ferry

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