Tuesday, 16 March 2021

Blackpool Tram Benches

The two stainless steel tram benches in Talbot Square
A pair of stainless steel tram benches were installed adjacent to The Counting House pub in Talbot Square in Autumn 2020. The benches are based on a Brush Car and an OMO Car, although artistic licence means that they are merely inspired by real trams rather than being miniature replicas. The benches were designed by artist Andy Hazell, and another two will be positioned at the North Station terminus of the new tramway extension when it is completed. The four tram benches were funded by a £17,000 grant through the Lancashire Enterprise Partnership under its Growth Deal. The seats have proved to be very popular with the public, and this conspired with the lockdown, restrictions on travel and the vagaries of the weather, has meant that six months have elapsed before I've managed to get to Blackpool to get some decent sunny shots of the benches while unoccupied.

The tram benches in Talbot Square

The OMO Car tram bench

A profile view of the Brush Car tram bench

A profile view of the OMO Car tram bench

The Brush Car tram bench

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