Monday 8 March 2021

All Change at Little Bispham

Flexity 016 waiting at Little Bispham, with a stop barrier blocking the northbound line
On the afternoon of Monday 1st March, the northern terminus of the partial tram service (due to ongoing engineering work) was moved from Bispham to Little Bispham. Trams have been running between Starr Gate and Little Bispham for the past week now, with passengers who wish to travel further north having to transfer to the number 1 bus service at Little Bispham. Blackpool Transport updated their service information this morning to notify passengers that the trams will continue to terminate at Little Bispham until further notice, as the engineering work is subject to further delays.

Flexity 008 turning short at Little Bispham on Tuesday 2nd March

Starr Gate bound Flexity 016 passing the track barrier at Little Bispham

Flexity 012 entering the loop at Little Bispham on 6th March

Flexity 016 entering Little Bispham turning circle on 6th March

Flexity 017 passing the northbound track barrier at Little Bispham on 6th March

Flexity 003 heading south out of the turning circle at Little Bispham on 2nd March

Flexity 015 exiting the loop at Little Bispham on its way to Starr Gate

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