Sunday 19 April 2015

Wirral Heritage Tramway 20th Anniversary

Hong Kong built tram No 70 being driven out of Taylor Street depot at the start of the afternoon's proceedings
The Wirral Tramway celebrated 20 years of operation during the past week. The anniversary was commemorated on Saturday 18th April, with the normal two tram service being enhanced by the swapping of trams, so that a total of four of the operational tram fleet were in use at some point during the afternoon. Hong Kong built tram 70 was brought out and stabled on the spur track at the Taylor Street end of the line.The trams that operated in passenger service were Hong Kong built 69, Liverpool 762, Birkenhead open-top tram 20 and Lisbon 730.

Liverpool 762 at the Taylor Street end of the tramway, with Birkenhead 20 in the background
Hong Kong built tram No 69 departing from the Woodside Ferry terminus with the Liver Building in the background
The conductor of Hong Kong built 69 preparing to hand over the single line token at the mid-line crossing point
Birkenhead 20 and Lisbon 730 at the crossing point of the line at Pacific Road

1900 Milnes built Birkenhead 20 passing the Egerton lift bridge as the tram heads back to the Taylor Street terminus

Lisbon 730 with the Liver Building and the Liverpool skyline visible in the distance across the River Mersey

Liverpool Baby Grand 245 should hopefully make its debut into passenger service at some point during the year
Wallasey 78 and Liverpool Baby Grand 245 in storage at Taylor Street depot
Liverpool horse car 43 is being temporarily stored at Taylor Street while work is ongoing at the Pacific Road building

Warrington Milnes built tram No 2 is currently under restoration in the Taylor Street depot

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