Sunday 26 April 2015

Blackpool 280 launched at Heaton Park

Railcoach 280 after its official launch into passenger service, seen heading towards the Lakeside terminus
The Heaton Park Tramway in Manchester hosted a Blackpool themed event on Sunday 26th April. The reason for the occasion was the official inauguration of Blackpool Railcoach 280 (680) into the operational passenger fleet. All the Blackpool trams were brought out for the public to view, with Balloon 702 being displayed in front of the Middleton Road depot and Railgrinder 1 parked on the spur siding at the former Lakeside terminus. Around lunchtime a cavalcade of the four Blackpool passenger trams, 702, 619, 280 and 623 ran from the Middleton Road gates to the hill behind the museum building where they were parked for a photo opportunity. Later in the afternoon 702, 280 and 623 were lined up in front of the Lakeside depot for another photo call. Trams used in passenger service at various times during the day were 619, 623, 280 and Manchester 765.

A photo line-up of the four Blackpool passenger trams on the steep hill behind the Middleton Road depot
Balloon 702 on display in front of the Middleton Road depot
Replica Vanguard 619 in a sylvan setting in Heaton Park
Brush Car 623 emerging from the reserved track that runs through the trees in Heaton Park
Railcoach 280 rounding the curve at the bottom of the hill behind Middleton Road depot
Manchester 765 departing from the terminus at Lakeside
Brush Car 623 arriving on the track fan in front of Lakeside depot
Blackpool Railgrinder 1 parked on the stub siding at the location of the old Lakeside terminus
The cavalcade of four Blackpool trams making their way along the tramway from the Middleton Road gates
Blackpool 623, 280 and 702 lined up outside the Lakeside depot building

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