Friday 3 April 2015

Balloon 715 to be restored to 1990s livery

Balloon 715 in its last year of service in 1990s livery, seen exiting the Pleasure Beach loop on 16th October 2004

Balloon 715 is currently going through the paint shop at Rigby Road depot as part of its return to service refurbishment. It has now been officially announced that the tram will be entering Heritage Tour service in the 1990s green and cream livery, which 715 last carried ten years ago. It had initially been planned to launch the repainted tram at Easter, but its debut is being held back until the May Day bank holiday weekend in order to ensure that the job isn't rushed. 715 last ran in service in the 1990s colour scheme back in 2004, and it is seen in the above photo in the October of that year on a Pleasure Beach to North Pier working, also in the photo is Balloon 703 in 1980s livery which is now preserved at Beamish as Sunderland 101, but has unfortunately been withdrawn from service indefinitely due to a cracked tyre.

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  1. Excellent post, thanks for the updates, its a shame about 703 but besides that, Blackpool Transport seems to be doing a good job with the heritage trams at the moment.

    Lets hope that BT has a successful summer with them.

    Thanks again for the updates :)