Saturday 4 April 2015

New Overall Advert for Flexity 016

Flexity 016 near Manchester Square showing off the newly applied 2015 Freeport Fleetwood overall advert
Flexity 016 has just been outshopped with a new vinyl overall advert for Freeport Fleetwood. 016 was the first of the Flexities to use overall advertising when it received its original Freeport advert in April 2014, now a year later it is carrying a newly redesigned blue based advert. The new advert uses a theme of seagulls along with the slogan "Flock to the Shops".

Flexity 016 at Fleetwood Ferry on 4th April showing its new overall advert for Freeport Fleetwood
Flexity 016 at the Tower in April 2014 showing the original Freeport overall advert that the tram received a year ago

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