Monday 6 April 2015

Easter Monday Heritage Tours

Brush Car 631 turning from Hopton Road into Lytham Road to begin its Easter Monday Heritage Tour service
Easter Monday's weather was a repeat of the previous day, with a blanket of sea mist enveloping the Promenade throughout the day. The heritage tram output from Rigby Road was (in order of leaving the depot) Balloon 706 Princess Alice, Standard 147, Brush Car 631, Box Car 40, Bolton 66 and finally Centenary 642. The gold timetable was in force again, with six trams operating the Heritage Tours, including journeys north to Fleetwood at regular intervals during the day.

Southbound Balloon 706 passing Standard 147 which was operating the first Fleetwood tour of the day
Bolton 66 at the southbound Heritage Tour tram stop near North Pier
Brush Car 631 and Box Car 40 meeting at Cleveleys while both operating Fleetwood Heritage Tours
Brush Car 631 at the heritage stop at Bold Street in Fleetwood, having operated the second trip of the day to the port
Balloon 706 having just turned at Bispham, in front of 631 returning from Fleetwood with 147 arriving for a crew break
Centenary Car 642 heading north from the Pleasure Beach on a Heritage Tour

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