Sunday 22 June 2014

Trams at Totally Transport

Pantograph 167 passing a line of preserved buses on New South Promenade during the afternoon of 22nd June

Sunday 22nd June saw the 10th Totally Transport event taking place on New South Promenade in Blackpool. One of the highlights at this years event was the operation of the Heritage Tram Tours all the way to Starr Gate, passing all the participating preserved vehicles along the way. A temporary Heritage Tour stop was positioned opposite the Solaris Centre, and the tours were operated mainly between North Pier and Starr Gate, although passengers were unable to board or alight from the trams at the southerly terminus for operational reasons. Some runs during the afternoon ran short, only operating between the Pleasure Beach and North Pier due to crew breaks, this had the rather unfortunate effect of there being no heritage trams running between the Pleasure Beach and Starr Gate for long periods during the afternoon. The trams in use during the day were Standard 147 and Boat 230 during the morning, being replaced by Bolton 66 and Boat 600 during the afternoon, with Pantograph 167 operating all day. The event was a great success with excellent weather and good loadings on the heritage cars, with the highlight of the day for many being a reserved ticket only run on Pantograph Car 167 from the Solaris Centre, south to Starr Gate then all the way to Fleetwood Ferry before retuning to the Solaris Centre.

Boat 230 passing Harrow Place on its way to collect passengers at the temporary stop opposite the Solaris Centre
Standard 147 picking up passengers at the temporary Heritage Tour stop that was located opposite the Solaris Centre
Boat 600 with a good passenger load passing the line of preserved buses parked along the New South Promenade
Boat 600 passing Flexity 001 at the Starr Gate terminus of the tramway
Bolton 66 passing the preserved vehicles of the Totally Transport event lined up along New South Promenade
Pantograph Car 167 passing preserved former Blackpool Corporation Leyland PD3 No 512 (HFR 512E) at the Ferry
167 passing St Mary's Roman Catholic Church on Lord Street in Fleetwood on the return leg of the afternoon tour
167 on the former Blackpool and Fleetwood Tramway Company tramroad at Rossall, returning to Blackpool

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