Thursday 5 June 2014

Heritage Bus Service for Totally Transport

Former London Transport RML887 operating on the Seafront 12 promenade service in June 2012
During the 10th Totally Transport event along the New South Promenade in Blackpool on Sunday 22nd June, the Lancastrian Transport Trust are planning to operate Blackpool Leyland PD3 No 529, Lytham Leyland PD1 No 19 and Ribble Atlantean No 1805 on a heritage service that will commence from the Totally Transport venue, no fares will be charged but donations are welcome. Operating on the Seafront 12 promenade route during the day will be former Blackpool Transport Routemaster 521 (RM1583) and RML887 in London Transport red. The Routemasters will be operating in regular all day service between the Cabin and the Pleasure Beach between approximately 0930 and 1800, normal Seafront 12 fares will apply and NOW cards are accepted.

Former Lytham St Annes Leyland PD1 No 19 in Clifton Street during a classic bus running day in May 2013
Former Blackpool Routemaster 521 at the terminus of the Seafront 12 service outside the Cliffs Hotel on 27th May
Former Blackpool Corporation Leyland PD3 No 529 operating on a Catch 22 classic bus running day in May 2013

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