Friday 6 June 2014

Pantograph 167 undertakes full system tour

Pantograph 167 rounding the curve from the promenade, making its way towards the Starr Gate terminus

Pantograph Car 167 was hired by a private party on the afternoon of 5th June and performed two full round trips of the tram system from Starr Gate to Fleetwood Ferry and return. The tour commenced adjacent to Starr Gate depot shortly after 1500, loading up just north of the LRT platforms on the northbound line. A round trip to Fleetwood Ferry and back then took place, with occasional photo stops en route. On the return to Starr Gate, 167 moved forward beyond the points onto the single track loop line where the trolley pole was turned. On the second trip to Fleetwood a meal break was taken in the port, with 167 laying over on the inner loop at Fleetwood Ferry, before completing the tour by returning to Starr Gate. See Blackpool Trams on Flickr for more photographs taken during the private hire of Pantograph 167 on 5th June.

Pantograph 167 at Fleetwood Ferry on its first visit to the town during the full system tram tour

Pantograph 167 passing Fleetwood Library at the Victoria Street tram stop in North Albert Street

Pantograph 167 passing the clock tower on the curve from North Albert Street into Lord Street in Fleetwood

A head on view of Pantograph 167 southbound on Lord Street in Fleetwood

Pantograph 167 passing over Anchorsholme Crossing on the first southbound run from Fleetwood Ferry

Pantograph 167 stopped at Burlington Road West for a photo opportunity on the first southbound run of the tour

After performing the first round trip of the system, Pantograph 167 has its trolley pole turning at the Starr Gate terminus

Pantograph 167 pausing for a photo opportunity opposite the Solaris Centre on the South Promenade

Pantograph 167 on North Albert Street, passing the Pharos Lighthouse on its way towards the Bold Street terminus

Pantograph 167 at the Fleetwood Ferry tram stop in Bold Street behind Flexity 012

167 moving onto the inner loop line at Fleetwood Ferry where it was parked during the evening meal break

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