Sunday, 22 June 2014

Heritage Buses at Totally Transport

Lytham 19, Blackpool 529 and Lytham 70 waiting to operate the Totally Transport heritage bus service on 22nd June
During the Totally Transport event on 22nd June, the Lancastrian Transport Trust operated a free heritage bus service. The buses used throughout the day were 1946 Lytham Leyland PD1 No19, 1968 Blackpool Leyland PD3 No 529 and 1964 Lytham Leyand PD2 No 70. The free bus service started from the northern end of the Totally Transport event, opposite The Star pub, and departed approximately every 15 minutes or on demand, running a circular route past the airport and back. Routemaster RML887 was also in use on the Seafront 12 promenade service operated by Oakwood Travel. Another Blackpool Leyland PD3, No 512, was seen about during the day, and was driven to Fleetwood Ferry during the afternoon so that it could be photographed alongside Pantograph Car 167 when it operated the tour through to Fleetwood.

Blackpool PD3 No 529 heading along Clifton Drive with the Big Blue Hotel and Pleasure Beach in the background
Lytham Leyland PD2 No 70 heading south on Clifton Drive past the Big Blue Hotel near the Pleasure Beach
Lytham Leyland PD1 No 19 turning onto Clifton Drive from Harrowside on the heritage bus service
Blackpool Leyland PD3 No 529 loading up at the heritage bus service stop as Standard 147 passes heading south
Former Blackpool Corporation Leyland PD3 No 512 at Rossall on its return trip from Fleetwood Ferry
Routemaster RML887 running on the Oakwood Travel operated Seafront 12 promenade service

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