Friday 20 June 2014

Totally Transport trams moved to Starr Gate

Brush Car 631 turning onto Lytham Road on its way down to the Promenade junction at Manchester Square
Due to the traffic light work at Manchester Square still not being finished yet, several heritage trams were moved from Rigby Road depot down to Starr Gate on 20th June, in order to be in position for the Heritage Tour operations planned for the Totally Transport event on Sunday June 22nd. Five trams left Rigby Road depot shortly after 11:00 am, these being 600, 631, 717, 66 & 167. Once the five trams had been safely transferred to Starr Gate, the Western Train was moved north from Starr Gate depot back to Rigby Road, as it will not be required for the event.

Brush Car 631 passing the ongoing traffic light work at the Manchester Square/Promenade intersection
Balloon 717 about to enter Starr Gate depot after its run south from Rigby Road depot
Bolton 66 passing BTS Dennis Trident 317 at the Starr Gate terminus of the service 1 bus route to Freeport
Boat 600 about to enter the running shed at Starr Gate depot after its trip from Rigby Road
Pantograph 167 about to enter the Starr Gate depot confines after its trip down the Promenade from Rigby Road
The Western Train pauses briefly on Hopton Road after its journey back from Starr Gate depot

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