Saturday 6 October 2012

Blackpool's last Leyland

Leyland Olympian 373 on Victoria Road West in Cleveleys, the last operational Leyland service bus in Blackpool
Leyland Olympian 373 became the last operational Leyland bus in the BTS fleet today, following the withdrawal of sister vehicle 372 yesterday morning after performing a school run. Olympian 373 ran all day on route 9 on Saturday, running out of service in Cleveleys at 1825. It is expected that this will be the swansong of the Leyland Olympians in Blackpool service (apart from the handful of City Sightseeing vehicles, which aren't full time service buses), ending a very long history of Leylands operating in the resort.

Olympian 373 turning round at the end of route 9 at Victoria Square in Cleveleys
Olympian 373 on Ashfield Road in Bispham, passing Blackpool and The Fylde College
Olympian 373 setting off from Cleveleys on route 9 to Blackpool Town Centre
Olympian 373 on North Drive in Cleveleys heading for Blackpool

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  1. I always preferred the old rear-loaders where you could jump on and off wherever you wanted. Health & Safety would never allow those to return!