Thursday 11 October 2012

304 leaves Blackpool for Beamish

Coronation 304 turning from Burton Road into Vicarage Lane, bound for Beamish on the back on Allelys low loader
Coronation 304, which has been in open storage in Blackpool with five other Lancastrian Transport Trust trams, has departed on a short term loan to Beamish museum, with the aid of sponsorship from Trams Magazine. The low loader of Allelys Haulage did not arrive until 4.40pm on Thursday afternoon, leaving very little daylight left in which to load the tram. After some initial problems aligning the front bogie with the rail ramp, the rest of the loading went without incident, and the transporter with 304 onboard left the storage yard in Marton at 6.55pm.

Coronation 304 and OMO 8 just before 304 began to be winched onto Allelys low loader
304 being slowly winched up the rail ramp onto the low loader of Allelys Haulage
304 safely off the concrete yard onto the rail ramp of the low loader
304 in position on the low loader and ready to be chained down
The tractor unit reconnected to the front of the trailer in readiness for departure
304 and low loader ready for an early evening departure to Beamish just after dusk

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