Tuesday 30 October 2012

Balloons on Specials - Day 2

Balloon 719 ran the first special of the day, seen here later on passing Flexity 009 at the Pleasure Beach
Tuesday saw the second day of the Balloon experiment, with the same five trams running the daytime specials as yesterday. There was a lot less sun around today, the weather becoming particularly dark and gloomy after lunchtime. The day saw the occasional short working again, with 719 turning back at the Tower in the morning instead of running through to Little Bispham. The trams entered service in the order 719, 713, 709, 718 and 700.

Balloon 718 entering Lytham Road bound for the promenade, ready to take up its duty as the fourth special
Prototype Balloon 700, very briefly bathed in sunshine while waiting at the Pleasure Beach
Balloons 719 and 713 pass each other at the Pleasure Beach while running on specials
Balloon 719 and Flexity 001 on driver training pause together for a few minutes on the Pleasure Beach loop
Balloon 719 about to turn back at the Tower (not heading for Cleveleys!) is passed by southbound 709

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