Thursday 4 October 2012

Balloon 700 on Training

Balloon 700 and Flexity 004 at Starr Gate tram station this morning
Balloon 700 was out and about on the tramway today on driver training or familiarisation, although it was carrying no 'L' plates. It was noted running between Starr Gate and Bispham this morning, but may have ventured further north during the day.

Balloon 700 southbound at the Pleasure Beach on driver training
Flexity 004 and Balloon 700 side by side near Starr Gate depot, with 004 about to use the crossover
Flexity 008 about to leave Starr Gate for Fleetwood Ferry while 700 waits on the opposite platform
Balloon 700 pauses on the turning loop at the Starr Gate terminus before heading north again on training
700 performing a simulated stop at the Starr Gate platform before continuing north
Northbound 700 passes Flexity 001 on a crew break at the Pleasure Beach loop

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