Thursday 12 April 2012

Great North Steam Fair

Marton Box car 31 in a brief moment of sunshine at Beamish on Thursday 12th April
The Great North Steam Fair at Beamish began on Thursday 12th April, unfortunately accompanied by heavy overcast weather and rain in the morning. The upside of this was that instead of an all open-top tram service as planned, Sunderland 101 (Blackpool 703) was used in all day service, although the obvious downside was that Boat 233 (605) stayed put in the depot due to the inclement weather, apparently the electrics aren't waterproof. Fortunately the rain held off long enough in the afternoon for Boat 233 to be brought into passenger service at around 15:30. Marton box car 31 was also in use throughout the day, so eventually all three Blackpool trams were out together.

Sunderland 101 (Blackpool 703) passing the superb 1929 East Yorkshire Motor Services Leyland Tiger TS2
Blackpool Boat 233 (605) on its first passenger trip at Beamish, respendent in its new 1930s livery
Boat 233 alongside Ravensworth Terrace in Beamish town, on its second circuit in passenger service
Birkenhead 20 and the 1928 Fowler B6 crane locomotive "Duke of York"
Leeds Works Car 6 and a 1929 Foden steam tractor
The 1929 EYMS Leyland Tiger TS2 which has been immaculately restored by Bluebird Coaches


  1. Nice blog post Alan :)

  2. Thanks Jono, it was a shame about the weather but at least we saw all three Blackpool trams in service (eventually).