Saturday 7 April 2012

Decker at the Ferry

Double-deck trams return to Fleetwood, as 713 runs down North Albert Street on the final leg to the Ferry
713 at the Fleetwood Ferry stop in Bold Street
After Thursday's abortive attempt by Balloon 724 to reach Fleetwood, when it went demic at Norbreck due to door problems, today finally saw a Balloon complete the full run from Starr Gate to Fleetwood Ferry. Balloon 713, which had been on specials earlier in the day, set off late afternoon from Starr Gate with Fleetwood on the blinds. This time the attempt was more successful, and 713 duly arrived at the new stop in Bold Street, Fleetwood, just before 1750.
Balloon 713 passing the clock tower on the sweeping curve into Lord Street, on the return journey to Starr Gate
Southbound 713 passes Flexity 008 at Ash Street on its way to the Ferry

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