Saturday 21 April 2012

700 on Heritage Tour

Prototype Balloon 700 providing a bit of variety on the Heritage Tour
Balloon 700 was used on the heritage service today, and although this is not really a heritage tram any more, due to the addition of widened doorways and the removal of its bumpers, lifeguards and swing-over seats, the tram is still popular with enthusiasts, and would be a lot more popular if it was painted back into a heritage colour scheme, despite the modern additions. 706 "Princess Alice'" is still suffering from electrical problems, and was replaced by the Frigate part way through the day.

706 failed again today with electrical problems, seen here at North Pier on 15th April
Frigate 736, seen exiting Little Bispham loop, replaced faulty tram 706 on the Heritage Tour today
Standard 147 running the heritage service on 15th April

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